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Hair extensions have become increasingly popular as a way to enhance one’s appearance and achieve a desired hairstyle. They offer versatility, allowing individuals to experiment with different lengths, colors, and textures without committing to a permanent change. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of hair extensions, exploring their types, benefits, costs, and essential considerations before getting them.


What Are Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are supplementary hair strands that are added to your natural hair to increase volume, length, or both attached to your natural hair to enhance its appearance. They can be made from:

  • Real Human Hair
  • Synthetic Hair 

They come in various forms, including clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, and fusion bonds. Each type has its own unique application method and level of commitment. Extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair for a natural look when properly applied by a professional stylist.


What Are Hair Extensions Used For

There is no denying hair extensions’ wonderful effects on a woman’s beauty. They not only bring confidence but also rediscover your inherent beauty. Besides, each of us has our shortcomings in our hair. It can come from losing a lot of hair causing your hair to become sparse, your hair is too short or you want to change its color. a little color for my hair. Below are some purposes for using hair extensions you may refer to.

  • Length Enhancement

They provide an instant and convenient way to achieve longer hair without waiting for natural growth

  • Volume Boost

For those with fine or thin hair, extensions can add fullness and body to their locks.

  • Color Transformation

Extensions allow you to experiment with different hair colors without the commitment of permanent dye

  • Covering up hair loss

Extensions can camouflage balding spots or replace hair loss from medical conditions.

  • Enhancing styles

From ponytails to braids, extensions make updos and complex hairstyles look fuller.


What Are the Different Types of Hair Extensions

In addition to materials used to make hair extensions as I mentioned above (real hair and artificial hair), hair extensions are mainly classified according to application method. Some hair extensions are permanent, meaning you won’t have to go through a series of steps to remove them after you use them. Your hair extensions and real hair will bond directly together into a unified whole. The remaining types required you to remove them from your hair.

Choosing a suitable type of hair extension for yourself also requires a lot of difficulties if you do not have a solid grasp of basic knowledge about hair extensions. However, you can consult with experts and hairdressers around to receive the most useful advice.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are among the most popular, affordable, and temporary options. They come in wefts (rows of hair) with small snap clips attached. You simply snap the wefts onto your natural hair wherever you need more volume or length. Clip-ins are great for:

  • Adding instant length and volume for a night out
  • Experimenting with different colors and styles
  • Easy installation you can do yourself at home
  • Completely removable and reusable

The main downsides are that they can shift throughout the day and cannot be worn while sleeping. But they are inexpensive, versatile, and place no stress on your natural hair.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions use wefts of hair sandwiched between medical-grade adhesive tape strips. A stylist applies the hair extension tape sandwiches onto your natural hair, adhering the wefts to your head. Tape-ins are:

  • Semi-permanent, usually lasting 6-8 weeks
  • Virtually undetectable and seamlessly blended
  • Allow for natural movement and hair styling
  • Gentle on your natural hair with no tugging

However, the tapes must be carefully maintained, avoiding products with oils, conditioners, and alcohol which can dissolve the adhesive. Touch-ups to re-tape new hair growth are required every few weeks.

Micro-Link or Micro-Bead Extensions

This method attaches wefts of hair or single strands to your natural hair using tiny metal cylinders or beads. The extensions are clamped to your hair close to the scalp. Micro-links are:  

  • Lightweight and nearly invisible even in short hair styles
  • Designed to move freely with your natural hair
  • Low maintenance as only newly grown hair needs re-attachment
  • Safe and gentle with no adhesives used

The main drawback is they must be installed one link at a time by a skilled professional, so application takes longer and costs more than some other methods.

Sew-In Hair Extensions or Weaves

As one of the oldest methods, sew-in extensions involve having wefts of hair sewn directly into tight rows of braids on your scalp. Sew-ins:

  • Are very secure and long-lasting up to several months
  • Allow styling just like natural hair
  • Create beautiful, thick hairstyles
  • May be reused multiple times with tightening maintenance

However, sew-ins place a lot of tension and weight on your natural hair which can potentially cause hair loss and breakage if installed improperly or left in too long.

Fusion/Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions

As one of the most natural and long-lasting methods, fusion or keratin bond extensions fuse individual strands of extension hair directly to your natural hair using heat and keratin-based polymers. Fusion extensions:  

  • Last 3-6 months and move freely with your natural hair
  • Do not require any wefts or adhesives
  • Achieve a completely seamless and undetectable look
  • Come in unlimited colors and textures to match your hair

However, this is the most expensive extension method due to the labor-intensive installation process by strand. The keratin bonds may also damage some hair types over time.


How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of hair extensions varies depending on the type of extension, the length and quality of the hair, and the salon or stylist you choose. Clip-in extensions can range from $50 to $200, while tape-in, sew-in, and fusion extensions typically cost between $200 and $1000.

The cost of hair extensions varies greatly depending on the type, quality, and length of the extensions. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • Clip-in extensions: $50-$200
  • Tape-in extensions: $100-$500
  • Bonded extensions: $200-$1,000
  • Micro-link extensions: $300-$1,500
  • Fusion extensions: $300-$2,000
  • Weft extensions: $500-$2,500
  • Hand-tied extensions: $1,000-$5,000


Why Should You Choose Hair Extension From Us 

Raw Hair Shop is a human hair extension shop belonging to Sky Hair – the most professional and reputable Vietnamese organization in hair manufacturers and trading natural raw hair, virgin hair, and human hair extensions across the globe.

Sky Hair extensions are made entirely from Vietnamese human hair. The hair is meticulously sorted and aligned in a unidirectional fashion to ensure that the hair remains ultra soft, shiny, silky, and tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Especially to maintain the most durable and natural beauty for the user, our hair extensions are guaranteed to meet the conditions as below:

  • 100% unprocessed virgin hair
  • 100% real human hair, 100% young girl’s hair, from one single donor
  • Soft, clean, healthy hair end, no lice or knit
  • Free shedding, smell & tangle
  • Can iron and dye, bleach, restyle
  • Can keep the texture after wash and keep 2-3 years


Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Hair Extensions

Investing in hair extensions can be exciting, but there are some important things to consider first to ensure you get the look you want while keeping your natural hair healthy. Here are some key tips:

The first step is finding a reputable, experienced stylist who specializes in the extension method you want. Don’t just go to any salon – improper application can lead to hair damage and a disappointing look. Research salons, read reviews, and even ask to view an stylist’s previous extension work. A skilled professional is worth paying more for.

Before your installation appointment, have an open discussion with your stylist about your desired look and lifestyle. The right extensions should seamlessly blend with your natural hair’s texture, color, and thickness. Your stylist can guide you on the best types, lengths, and amounts of hair to use based on factors like your hair type, face shape, and activities.

Keep your expectations realistic too. While extensions allow you to enhance and transform your look dramatically, there are limits to what they can do, especially for very fine or damaged hair. Your stylist should explain what types of styles and looks are and aren’t advisable. 

During installation, don’t be afraid to speak up if you experience excessive tension or discomfort. Too much pulling or weight can stress your hair follicles and lead to breakage and loss over time. Your scalp shouldn’t feel sore after application.

Once you have your new extensions, get familiar with the proper aftercare. Treat them gently and use the right extension-safe products and techniques to minimize shedding and keep them looking fresh. Wearing protective styles at night, avoiding heat styling frequently, and keeping extensions cleansed and moisturized is crucial.

Finally, stick to the schedule your stylist advises for adjustments, tightening, or removals. Even semi-permanent extensions need maintenance as your natural hair grows out. Leaving extensions in too long can cause matting, tangles, and serious hair damage.



Whether you dream of mermaid-esque manes or just want to add some oomph to thinning tresses, our FAQ guide will equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision and keep your new locks looking luscious for months to come.

1. How long do hair extensions last?

This depends on the extension type and how well you care for them. Generally:

  • Clip-in extensions can be reused for 6-12 months with proper care
  • Tape-in and micro-link extensions last 6-8 weeks before needing adjustment
  • Sew-in weaves can be worn for 2-3 months before tightening
  • Fusion/keratin bonded extensions last 3-6 months

With regular maintenance and reinstallation by a stylist, most semi-permanent extension types can be worn for years.

2. Can you swim/exercise with hair extensions?

Yes, most extension types allow you to swim and exercise normally. But you’ll need to take some precautions:

  • Avoid excessive chlorine exposure which can cause dryness and color changes
  • Use a leave-in conditioner before swimming to protect the extensions
  • Style extensions in braids or updos when exercising to minimize tangling
  • Let extensions air dry instead of applying direct heat

3. Are hair extensions damaging to your natural hair?

When applied and maintained properly by a professional, quality extensions should not cause any damage. However, poor installation, leaving extensions in too long, using the wrong products, and excessive pulling/tension can lead to hair loss, breakage, and scalp issues.

4. How do you wash and style hair extensions?

Use sulfate-free, alcohol-free products made for extensions. Gently brush and condition extensions with a loop brush or wide-tooth comb. Limit heat styling with blow dryers and hot tools. Overnight, braid or use a loose scrunchie to prevent tangling.

5. Can you color or chemically treat hair extensions?

It depends on the hair type, but extensions made from real human hair can generally be colored or highlighted just like natural hair. However, chemical treatments like perms, relaxers, and harsh bleaching may damage the extensions.


Final Though

Hair extensions have revolutionized the way we approach hair styling and have become an indispensable tool for those seeking versatility, glamor, and confidence. When used responsibly and with proper care, hair extensions can be a fantastic addition to anyone’s beauty routine, allowing individuals to achieve their desired hair goals and unleash their inner creativity.