• Order from 3kg to 5kg Save $5/kg
  • Order from 5kg to 10kg Save $8/kg
  • Order from over 10kg Save $12/kg
  • Refer 10 customers for a $100 discount on your order
  • Create a product review video and share for a $20 discount per 1000 views
  • Take a feedback video for a $10 discount on your order

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Affiliate Program

Would you like to earn money by just referring www.rawhairshop.com to friends or followers?

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Promotions to earn money with Sky Hair:
1. Share product review videos on social networks
– In the content of the video review or in the article description, it must include information that the product is sold by our company so that viewers can know our brand.
– You must send the link of the post to be censored (make sure the post has real views and interactions)
– If it is a purchased view + virtual interaction (view buff, interaction) we will refuse to apply for this promotion.
=> Promotion applied to you is that for every 800~1000 viewers who see your video review, you will get a discount of $20 on your order.

2. Record the product review videos.
– When a customer takes a video of more than 1 minute to give good feedback on our products and introduces our company in the video, please send the video to us then you will receive a $10 discount on your order.

3. Introduce friends to purchase hair.
If a customer introduces 10 other customers, on condition that 10 customers buy hair from us (each customer has at least 1 order).
We will have a discount of $100 for the next order.