• Order from 3kg to 5kg Save $5/kg
  • Order from 5kg to 10kg Save $8/kg
  • Order from over 10kg Save $12/kg
  • Refer 10 customers for a $100 discount on your order
  • Create a product review video and share for a $20 discount per 1000 views
  • Take a feedback video for a $10 discount on your order

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What is Dropshipping?

SKY HAIR can send the hair to your clients, using your Business name as the Sender’s name.
Your clients can receive the hair very fast, not knowing who’s your vendor.
You can save the shipping fee to send them itmes and no need to worry about inventory anymore.
You only need to pay for hair+shipping fee. No extra percentage rate.

How to do Dropshipping?

1. Once your client order from you, you order from us.
2. Change your Paypal’s address to your clients’ receive address before order. (This is very important)
3. Put a note to remind us it’s for Dropship. And let us know your Business name.
4. We suggest you Make your own lables from us too. It’s better to expand your business with private lables.
5. We will keep the lables in our office, and we can help put them on your future orders. Free charge.